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 //Note: Maps and table images will be added eventually.// ​ Until then, this page is more or less a placeholder. //Note: Maps and table images will be added eventually.// ​ Until then, this page is more or less a placeholder.
-**1g Propagation Delay Note:** 
-One thing that may not be clear about the 1G timing data provided is that of propagation delay adjustment. Dave and I (Tom) discussed having this accounted for in the DSMLink timing displayed for 1Gs before releasing 1G DSMLink, but we decided against it because we thought people might question why the values DSMLink displayed seemed a little lower than their previous loggers/​setup. But really, we do need to adjust that and just live with the potential confusion because it's the correct thing to do. 
-Here's a brief history and explanation. There exists some small, fixed time delay between when the ECU wants to fire spark and the time it actually happens. The 2G ECU adjusts for this with a specific function. The 1G ECU does not. The 1G ECU appears to include this propagation delay adjustment *in* the timing table itself. So the timing values you get out of that table aren't exactly what you get at the engine. It's going to be off by about 0.4395° per 1000 RPM. 
-The values provided in the 1G DSM Tables shown above include this adjustment already. And the next release of the DSMLink laptop software will as well. The result will be slightly lower displayed timing than you had before but more accurate timing values in relation to what's actually going on in the engine. 
 **1g Tables "​Undefined"​ Note:** **1g Tables "​Undefined"​ Note:**
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