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 +====== 2G DSM Alternator Control ======
 +This page provides a basic description of how the two wires running from the 2G DSM ECU to the alternator (G and FR) are used.
 +There are four wires running to the alternator. ​ Two wires are G and FR from the ECU.  The other two are a voltage sense line (from the headlight circuit) and an "​S"​ terminal tied into the gauges somehow.
 +If you have the DSM manuals on CD, check out the "​generator"​ section of the 2G technical manual. ​ It provides a really good explanation of how the ECU controls the alternator. ​ I'll briefly summarize below.
 +The alternator has two "​modes"​ - low voltage/low load and high voltage/​high load.  The ECU controls which mode the alternator should be in using the "​Generator G" pin on the ECU harness (pin 33).  When G is grounded, the alternator is put into low-voltage mode (around 12.3v). When G is left floating, the alternator is in high-voltage mode (Around 14.4v).
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