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   * Greddy 52mm and 60mm   * Greddy 52mm and 60mm
   * Turbo XS sensors   * Turbo XS sensors
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   * Autometer fuel and oil pressure (sensor #2246)   * Autometer fuel and oil pressure (sensor #2246)
-    * Note: this is apparently ​[[http://​​pages/​products_sensors/​pressure_sensors/​standard_designs1.htm#​p265|Kavlico'​s P265 sensor]].  Further discussion can be found on the Innovate Motorsports threads [[http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​t=1108|here]] and [[http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​t=662|here]].+    * Note: this is apparently ​the same as Kavlico'​s P265 sensor, if that helps in some way.
   * GM intake air temperaure (P/N info below)   * GM intake air temperaure (P/N info below)
   * MSD Air Intake Sensor #2320   * MSD Air Intake Sensor #2320
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