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Non-EPROM Conversion Process

Someone asked us to explain what was involved in the non-EPROM conversion process and I thought it was a good question we hadn't covered before. This page outlines the basic process.

This page shows the process on a 1G ECU. The 2G conversion process is even more complicated and delicate! You can see pictures of the 2G process here.

2G non-EPROM to EPROM conversion page

Initial Non-EPROM Board

The following picture shows an original non-EPROM board, ready for modification (click to enlarge).


CPU Removed

The first step is to carefully remove the CPU and make a few other modifications to the ECU's PCB to prepare it for our conversion. The following picture shows a board after this step is complete (click to enlarge).


Adapter Plug

After the CPU is removed, we have to install an adapter plug in its place. The following picture shows a board after this step is complete (click to enlarge). Note the careful solder work involved on those pins.


Finished Product

The final step is to snap our specially designed conversion board into place. The following picture shows the finished result (click to enlarge).


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