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We apparently like food as much as we do cars. This page collects together some of our favorite dishes posted on the ECMLink forums so you can play mechanic in the kitchen. Enjoy!

steakscotth.jpg Steaks
zitiscotth.jpg Pasta - Baked Ziti, Lasagna, etc.
rhodespizza7.jpg Pizza
ribs-greddy.jpg Ribs - Oven, BBQ, Grill, etc.
blurred_talon_pork.jpg Pork
twdhalibut.jpg Fish - Fried, grilled, oven baked, etc.

Related topics

ScottH - knives

I have some other misc smaller VG-10 knifes but those three do most of the major duty stuff in the kitchen. I don't believe in buying name brand expensive knifes. If you buy a quality material and know how to sharpen your good to go. My uncle has been a chef for 30+ years at a high end golf course and has all Shun stuff that I've used. I honestly can't tell the difference between my $80 Chef knife and his $400+ dollar chef knife.

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