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ToddRhodes - Chicago deep dish

Here's my Chicago style deep dish process. Related items: Pizza Dough Pizza Sauce

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rhodespizza1.jpgFirst, the raw ingredients (I add red pepper flakes and fennel seed to any store bought Italian sausage.
rhodespizza2.jpgTook half of my dough and stretched it by hand to fit in the cake pan. You don't want it very thick - 1/8“ if possible at this point.
rhodespizza3.jpgCook the sausage. Layer 1, mozzarella/provolone mix. This is not the cheese I would normally use but hopefully it will work ok. This is Sargento, I usually use Grande, but we're out. Add meat/veggies in the next layer.
rhodespizza4.jpgOne more layer of cheese.
rhodespizza5.jpgTop with sauce.
rhodespizza6.jpg rhodespizza7.jpgI brushed the edges with olive oil and tossed her in at 450* for 40 minutes. Let it rest for about 10 minutes after you pull it out and go to town
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