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20181101 - V3 Flash Module Production Issue

On November 1, 2018, we realized that the ICs we had purchased for production of our ECMLink V3 flash modules were not the chips we had ordered and were not compatible with our flash module design. Given that these chips were expensive and are no longer made and that we had already exhausted our prior stock of them, we were forced to cease sales of ECMLink packages immediately.

Since then, however, then we have tested a new design that *is* compatible with these chips and we're currently in the process of working up a new schematic and board layout to accomodate them for production.

This process will take several weeks. We're hoping to be up and ready to go around Jan 1st, 2019.

Until then, we have removed the ECMLink packages and V2→V3 upgrade options off our website. We will add those back again as soon as we possibly can.

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