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V1/V2 2G Cables - replacement/purchase

Believe it or not, your V1 or V2 2G DSMLink cable/adapter is the key to your DSMLink package. Do yourself a huge favor by treating it as such. Don't lose it and don't leave it lying around in your car while you're away. If you damage your adapter, we'll gladly repair, often free of charge; but the damaged adapter (at least the internals) must be returned to us first.

Because people are copying our chips, selling them, and then telling the buyers to contact us to get a replacement cable/adapter, we've had to suspend sales of the adapter entirely. This makes it very awkward for someone that has their car broken into or simply loses their cable. We can't distinguish one situation from the other on our end. We tried for awhile, but then people got wise to what we were asking for in terms of “proof” and just started faking that.

So we're left with no choice but to simply stop replacing cables. I suspect this is why other shops selling similar products had to do the same thing. You can thank anyone that you find selling copies of our stuff for the hassle.

CHIP NOTE: We keep getting this:

“I bought a 2G V2 DSMLink chip from someone. They did not include the OBD2 adapter. Can I send the chip in so you can verify it's legitimate and then sell me a replacement adapter.”

The answer is no, we can't. Getting a chip in doesn't tell us anything about the missing adapter. Even if the chip is legit (which is actually hard to tell anyway), it doesn't matter. Consider this sequence of events:

  1. Someone decides to copy their chip. They sell the original chip but keep the OBD2 adapter.
  2. That buyer shows us their “legitimate” chip asking for a replacement adapter. We sell them a replacement adapter.
  3. That buyer then repeats what the previous seller was doing starting all over at (1) with a new buyer.

So the same “legitimate” chip can be passed around several times. The chip is meaningless whether it's a copy or it's one of our original chips. The only physical piece of a DSMLink package that you can't easily duplicate is the OBD2 adapter. So *that's* the piece we have to get back in here in order to honor upgrades or support.

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