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Buying a 2G V2 DSMLink package

2G V2 OBD2 adapter

We're getting more and more of these lately, so I've decided to clarify the issue here.

When you buy a used 2G V2 DSMLink package, the seller MUST include the OBD2 adapter and it MUST be one of our original OBD2 adapters. Check below for a sample picture of this adapter. You can see some counterfeit copies on our counterfeit page.

Our adapter

People have been making copies of our old 2G V2 chips (right down to the label!) and then selling their car with that copied chip in it and telling the new owners they can “just get a new cable” when they can not!

We do not sell replacement 2G V2 adapters because the adapter IS the 2G V2 DSMLink package. There is nothing else in the 2G V2 package to call “DSMLink”.

The chip is easily copied and we know people are even copying our label. So having an ECU with what appears to be our chip inside doesn't mean anything. The only physical piece of the older 2G V2 packages we can call “ours” is the OBD2 adapter.

So far, the lazy scumbags that are copying our chips haven't figure out how to duplicate the adapter. So that's the piece you have to get in order to claim you have a DSMLink package.

We tried to document this in multiple places, including right on our home page. But people are still getting duped. Please do not buy a 2G V2 DSMLink package without confirming that you will receive the required 2G V2 OBD2 adapter as well.

Example chips

The first step in identifying our packages is to look at the chip. The image below lists three slight variations of the chip labels we've produced here.


Of course, since these chip labels are so easily duplicated, just checking against this isn't sufficient. But for sure if someone supplies you with a picture of the package they're selling and the chip just has a handwritten note of some sort on it, you can bet it's not ours.

From the picture above, the four digit numbers, 1307, 2307, and 3307, are what we refer to as the “chip ID” or “serial number”. If we ask that you provide us with the chip ID or serial number, those are the numbers we need. The other numbers on the first two, older versions, of the chip label were used to indicate battery reset default configuration values.

Counterfeit examples

Below is a collection of a few of the counterfeit adapters and chips we have seen come through here in the past.

Counterfeit adapter

Obviously the red end piece and the handwritten paper label on this package are clearly different from those that we produced.

Counterfeit adapter

A bit harder to identify without opening the case, but this adapter is actually longer than ours, has a different DB9 connector and clearly different internal components. Our adapter boards are all surface mount IC components, a much better choice for use in a noisy car environment than the through-hole components shown on this copy.

Counterfeit chips

More counterfeit chips. These guys can't even remember to put the label on the same way. Lame.

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