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CltchSw - loggable parameter

This value of the CltchSw log item is not intuitive. This page is intended to clear that up.


CltchSw is not a native ECU value. That is, without ECMLink installed inside the ECU, this value just doesn't exist. ECMLink creates this value when you have the “Enable clutch cut” checkbox checked on the RPM/TPS tab. If you do not have this checkbox checked, then CltchSw will never change values.

When wiring our clutch cut wire to your ECU, you will connect the wire to the ECU's “automatic transmission in drive” indicator input. When you check the “Enable clutch cut” checkbox, ECMLink will turn off the factory's A/T D indicator inside the ECU and use that input pin to indicate CltchSw status instead. You're basically redefining the meaning of that pin when you enable clutch cut operation.

That said, if you see A/T D change values when you press the clutch pedal in/out, then you have *not* yet enabled clutch cut operation.


When CltchSw shows “0”, this means the ECU thinks the clutch pedal has been pressed “in”, towards the firewall. This enables no lift to shift and/or ALS between gears.

When CltchSw shows “1”, this means the ECU thinks the clutch pedal is fully released (foot off the pedal).

If your datalog shows this switch behaving opposite of these values, then you need to check the “Use starter switch for clutch wire (invert signal)” checkbox on the Misc tab of the ECMLink application.

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