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ECMLink Clutch Cut Wire

Users that have manual transmission cars AND plan to use the no lift to shift function will need to install the clutch cut wire. The no lift to shift function is intended to allow the user to keep the throttle wide open as they are shifting the transmission. If you do not plan to use the no lift to shift function, then you do not need to install the clutch cut wire. Furthermore, users with automatic transmission cars have absolutely no use for this wire and should not attempt to install it.

If you do decide to install it, here are a few things to consider.

1990 DSM Issues

Our clutch cut wire is not compatible with the 1990 model year DSM. We apologize for this, but there are some simple solutions presented on our 90 Clutch Cut page.

Running a straight wire

If you do not have cruise control in your car or you do not care about the cruise disable function when you press the clutch pedal in, then you can actually install a straight wire between the clutch switch and the ECU. The ECU/ECMLink just wants to see a switch to ground on the ECU input. So cut the wire that normally runs to the cruise control ECU and run a wire from there (switch side) directly to the ECU input instead. Check all this with a meter, of course, but once that's done, you should be set.

Pin out information can be found on our ECU Wiring Page. You can also find clutch cut wiring installation instructions on our Downloads Page. The clutch cut wiring instructions on our downloads page explains which wire to cut if you plan to run a straight wire to the ECU. On a 2G DSM, it's a black wire with a red stripe on the clutch switch. On a 1991-1994 DSM, it's a green wire with a black stripe.

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