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Ethanol Sensor to 2G/EVO1-3 SD Cable Adapter

MAF connector wires

The adapter we provide to connect an ethanol sensor directly to our SD cable has two free pins that need to be installed into the MAF connector end of the SD cable. For a 2G-style MAF connector, this process is pretty simple. You simply push the pins (and seals) into place.

(click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)

To reduce cost, we split out a 6-conductor ribbon cable to make three different 2-conductor cables for use in this adapter. So you may have an adapter with any one of these three different color combinations.

  • White/Red
  • Gray/Pink (or Gray/Violet)
  • Black/Yellow

Note that cables manufactured after 8/8/2016 use a violet wire in place of the previously used pink wire. So one additional possible combination is:

  • Gray/Violet

The pictures on this page all show the red/white combination.

If you have a pink/gray adapter, just use the pink wire in place of red and use the gray in place of white.

If you have a yellow/black adapter, just use the yellow wire in place of red and use the black in place of white.

Ground wire

The black wire with ring terminal coming off the ethanol connector needs to go to a good, clean chassis ground point.

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