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EVO8/3G MAF Compensation (V2 ONLY)

NOTE: This page is specific to the V2 version of DSMLink ONLY. ECMLink (V3) includes a default base MAF type that you can use for a more native, precise implementation of the EVO8/3G MAF compensation. V3Lite can be configured for an EVO8/3G MAF by loading up the appropriate file off the V3Lite configs page.

The EVO8 MAF (which is effectively the same as a 3G Eclipse MAF) has an airflow metering capacity at least 20-30% more than the 2G DSM MAF, which is already pretty darn good. These are the values you'd use in the MAF compensation dialog box if you were to install an EVO8 MAF in place of a 2G MAF. Note for 1G guys that you will need to select “2G MAF” as your base MAF type first. The following compensation values are based on the assumption that the ECU is configured for a 2G MAF.


Freq Adj
50hz 31%
150hz 29%
250hz 25%
400hz 24%
800hz 19%
1200hz 20%
1600hz 19%
2000hz 19%
2400hz 19%
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