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EVO8 V3 and V3Lite Settings

If you're looking to run a set of stock EVO8 injectors or an EVO8 MAF with your V3 ECMLink or V3Lite setup, this page contains the information you'll need to adjust the ECMLink configuration to match. All of this data was pulled directly from the EVO8 ECU, so it's dead on accurate. I run these files in my own EVO8 (using various DSM and EVO1-3 ECUs) and the settings are 100% accurate with fuel trims hovering around 0%.

EVO8 injectors

If you're running EVO8 injectors with your ECMLink-equipped ECU, here are some numbers you can use to get the ECU configured to match identically with the EVO8 ECU itself.

Fuel Adjustments Table

In “ECU config” on the “Fuel” tab, set Global fuel to -20.3% and then set deadtime to 0 usecs. This assume you're running stock fuel pressure for your ECU. If you're running a 1G DSM ECU, that means 37 psi. If you're running any other ECU, that means 42.6 psi. If you're running a non-stock fuel pressure, you'll need to adjust the global fuel scale accordingly.


In the InjBatteryAdj table in direct access, set the table like so:

7 2295
9 1400
12 890
14 690
16 555
19 495


You can simply select “EVO8/3G MAF” as your Base MAF type on the MAFComp tab and zero out any MAFComp adjustments you had in place previously. That's all there is to do.

EVO8 timing and fuel maps

New Direct Access tables that drop into place in ECMLink to provide exact copies of the EVO8 tables.

PlatformV3 FileV3Lite FileDesc
2003 USDM EVO8 EVO8-2003-stock EVO8-2003-stock Bone stock 2003 EVO8 - my own car
2003 USDM EVO8 (mod1) EVO8-2003-mod1 EVO8-2003-mod1 A slightly modified version of the 2003 EVO8 map that works a bit better on high boost/quick spool cars.
2004 EVO8 GSR Ralliart EVO8-2004-GSR-Ralliart EVO8-2004-GSR-Ralliart A rather aggressive tune. Review first!
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