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The basic process for installing an external (aftermarket) sensor for datalogging use with DSMLink is pretty simple. The details can get a little time consuming and tedious. But the general idea is to do the following.

  1. Install new device/sensor into vehicle per manufacturers instructions.
  2. Locate/determine device/sensors analog output wire.
  3. Choose an available ECU input to which you will connect the sensor's output. See the ECU wiring page for information on ECU connector pin numbers.
  4. Connect the analog output wire to chosen ECU input.
  5. In the DSMLink application add the new item to captured values list.

The following diagram, while specific to a Zeitronix WBO2 install on a 1G, is still useful in illustrating the general idea. It shows the Zeitronix kit (external sensor) and how the various types of connections are made to the ECU wiring and then a general description of how to proceed after that.



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