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We've been getting a lot of e-mails about various issues getting ECMLink to install or run on Mac systems.

There are least TWO BIG issues with our Mac support efforts. First, Apple keeps breaking stuff with every single release. It's not just ECMLink, it's anything Java related and even plenty of stuff not Java related. They seem to have no problem just having applications suddenly stop working and leaving it up to the user to figure it out. So to support all these different versions of MacOS, we'd have to have a Mac with every single version installed on it!

Which brings us to our second biggest issue with Mac support…we don't actually have a Mac here. We released Mac-based software as a sort of “because we can” type thing. Because ECMLink is Java based, it runs more or less the same on Windows, Mac and Linux. Windows is still by FAR the most common install base, so that's where we put our effort. But if we can just rebuild slightly for Mac and Linux, why not offer it? If someone can figure out how to get around the various OS issues Apple keeps throwing up at them, great. If not, we really don't have time to put much effort into debugging it on our end.

Instead, what we'll do is provide this page as a reference for people when they're having Mac issues. We'll try to copy in various solutions people have posted to our forums over the years and hopefully one or two will trigger a solution to whatever problem you're currently having.

Damaged or Corrupt message

If you're getting a message just trying to mount the DMG installer file, this was the solution one person found to work for him.

What i did was went to security tab, unlock the security (bottom left lock, click on it) then
check off where it says "allow applications from everyone".

Then install the driver for Mac users, it should download this way. After the driver is 
installed, the actual ECMLink program should now be able to download and run. 

Make sure when you are all done to go back to to security reasons, check off "accept 
applications from App store and known sources" and lock it.

The application doesn't start up

If you get the application installed OK, but then it simply exits immediately after the initial splash screen comes up, you may be running a 64-bit OS and need to get a 32-bit Java installed and/or run the ECMLink application as a 32-bit application. This is what one user reported to work. Others responded saying it fixed their issue as well.

try right clicking on the icon in the apps folder, and click get info, then check
the 32 bit box, this is assuming your laptop is 64 bit, my macbook pro 13 did the
same thing.

Also note that as of v3.26.65 of the ECMLink application, we now require a 32-bit JVM explicitly in the launcher executable. So you should be getting messages about this now when it happens instead of mysterious splash screens disappearing.

Latest and greatest drivers

We use device drivers provided by FTDI. You can always grab the absolute latest and greatest drivers off their website.

FTDI device drivers page

I would highly recommend making sure you have the device driver updated in addition to the ECMLink application.

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