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"Nitrous" Control Details (V1/V2 ONLY)

NOTE: This page has information related to our original V1/V2 implementation of “nitrous” controls. Our latest V3 software extends this functionality substantially. You can get a sample screenshot here:

This page contains information on the internal workings of DSMLink's “nitrous” controls (FPR solenoid output control logic). If you want to know how to wire something up to this output please review the nitrous control wiring page.


Nitrous control limitations

  • Nitrous is OFF while NLTS is active (clutch pedal is pressed)
  • Nitrous is OFF while using ALS and/or the stutter box (two-step).
  • Automatic nitrous timing retard is not implemented in 2g DSMLink

Upper RPM Limit

Nitrous control RPM values cannot be set above these points:

  • 1g: ~10000rpm
  • 2g: 7968rpm

Verification "trick"

“Trick” to verify solenoid operation:

First, ensure that you do NOT have *ANY* nitrous in the nitrous system (bottle off, removed from car, etc.). Next, With the ENGINE OFF and the KEY ON set the Nitrous controls to:

  • 5% TPS
  • 0 rpms
  • 0 mph

Click “OK” and then press the gas pedal. This will turn the nitrous controls ON so you can verify solenoid operation.

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