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RVR OBD2 port

“Typical” EVO1-3 ECUs use the older 12-pin style diagnostic port like that found on our USDM 1G DSMs. Most people with these cars have no problem locating that port.

But RVR minivans are a strange mix of EVO1-3 ECUs with OBD2 16-pin ports. That means they use a different diagnostic cable from other EVO1-3 owners. They also have to find a different port and from what I've heard, this can be a nightmare. So I wanted to post up a page with a picture of this port provided by one of our customers to help others locate it.

His e-mail said “after tearing the car apart i found the port behind the fuse block”. A picture of this port on his car is provided below.

RVR OBD2 port
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