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This page is only intended to list out the basic items required to run speed density with ECMLink. If you need help with configuring ECMLink for SD operation or you want to understand more about SD, the following pages will be more appropriate for you.


At a bare minimum, the ECU needs to read manifold pressure in order to estimate airflow while running speed density mode.

In addition, you really should consider running an intake air temp sensor as well.

If you want both at the same time, we have an “SD Bundle” on our website that discounts the combination.

Plug and Play Cable

The sensors above include loose connectors with pig tail ends that you can solder into your wiring harness.

If you prefer to plug the sensors directly into your MAF connector, we do have a plug-and-play cable for that.

The only thing that should be mentioned here with the plug and play cable is how use of that cable may affect your dial in proceudre. The following page explains that in details.

SD plug and play decision

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