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ECMLink V3 - Stock Settings

We get asked fairly often if we have any “stock maps” to provide for ECMLink. It sounds like a simple question and for the most part it is. But the answer isn't always what you'd expect and here's why.

First, we are constantly updating and expanding ECMLink. You can see this on our firmware and application changelog pages. These updates often change the format of the data stored inside the ECU. So trying to provide a stock MAP file that can be uploaded for each and every updated version would drive us nuts. It would be a different file for each release of full V3 and V3Lite for 1G, 2G and EVO1-3 platforms. It would be a management nightmare.

Instead, we provide a “reset to stock” button in each of the Direct Access tabs that you can use to revert those tables to stock.

For the ECU Config tab, this isn't so easy because those tabs are the ones that are changing format so often. For those tabs, you just need to use some common sense and configure them for stock-like settings. Watch our initial setup demo video for an example. You just walk through each tab and either “zero” out various settings (like the RPM-based fuel and timing tabs) or set things to match what your car is configured for.

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