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This is mainly a concern for someone buying a used 2G V1 or 2G V2 package. But everyone should first check to make SURE they are getting a complete DSMLink/ECMLink package before making a third party purchase. Click here for details.

V3 Transfer/new forum account

When someone buys a new ECMLink package from us off our website, there's a space they can provide a user ID to be created on our forums automatically for them.

If that space is not filled in or if someone buys from a reseller that does not provide us with that information, they will need to manually request a new account on our forums. This is also true if someone buys a V3 package off a third party (e-bay, traders, whatever).

To create an account for you, we need the following information.

  • ECMLink serial number
  • New owner's full name
  • New owner's e-mail address
  • Requested user ID for the forums

You can simply e-mail that information to us using the following e-mail address:

The ECMLink serial number can be found on the bottom of the V3 flash device.


Nobody ever seems to see this section, so I'm trying to make it stand out more.

You do NOT have to remove your ECMLink flash module to get the serial number. You can get your chip's serial number by connecting to the ECU with the ECMLink application on your laptop and looking in the lower right hand corner of the main screen. In the “Device Info” section, you'll see your serial number listed there as well.

V1/V2 Transfer (3rd party sale)

The following is provided as a resource to use while collecting information to register a copy of DSMLink. We will need to know the following:

  • DSMLink chip ID
  • New owner's full name
  • New owner's e-mail address
  • Requested user ID for the forums

The DSMLink chip ID is a four-digit number printed after the word DSMLink on the EPROM chip inside the ECU. It's also printed on the outside of the black protective box the package originally shipped in. You can see examples of this 4-digit number below (1307, 2307, 3307).


Once you have that information, just e-mail us and we'll get an account created for you.

NOTE: You can use the new V3 application off our website to get the serial number of your chip as described in the V3 section above. You just have to pull up the “configure connection” dialog and set the device type to match your ECU in order to connect the first time. This saves you from having to pull out the ECU if it's already installed in the car.

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