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Using a 1G non-turbo (NT) EPROM ECU


Turbo model 1G EPROM ECUs are getting harder and harder to find. So people have started asking about running a non-turbo ECU in their turbo cars. Although it's technically possible to start and basically run a 1G turbo DSM using an unmodified 2.0L non-turbo 1G ECU, there are a number of reasons why this is undesirable.

The most obvious problem is that the non-turbo ECU does not include support for the knock sensor. Which means you get zero help from the ECU when the engine starts to knock. In addition, the non-turbo ECU lacks support for the boost gauge, 4 solenoid drivers, and the MAF reset signal. The ECU also needs to have the RC network modified on the injector outputs.


A non-turbo 2.0L 1G EPROM ECU can, however, be modified to run properly in a 1G turbo model car. But this requires a good bit of work and time investment and as such, isn't exactly cheap. If you have a free or pretty cheap EPROM model non-turbo ECU on your hands already and you really need a turbo model EPROM ECU, then this might be a reasonable approach to take. Otherwise, it may be better to just keep trying to locate a turbo model ECU.

Please note that this is all very specific to the 2.0L non-turbo ECU. The 1.8L non-turbo ECU only has one ignition output meant to drive a single coil and distributor and as such is not compatible with the 2.0L turbo model DSM at all.

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