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Optimizing the V3 Application Registry

The V3 application tracks default graph preference by device ID and serial number. That means when you open your own datalogs, you get the same set of display items on your graph that you had last time you opened one of your files (or connected to your ECU). But when you open someone else's datalogs, you get display items specific to their ECU. That lets you keep your own items separate from everyone else's so you aren't constantly having to reconfigure your graph display.

However, the current implementation of this functionality is less than ideal. It's basically tracking every single display item for every single file that you open. Over time, depending on how many different log files you open, this list can get very large. And the larger it gets, the slower it takes for the application to start up.

Until we optimize this code, you can use the following procedure to basically reset this list and start over with just your own set of stuff in it if this start up time becomes a problem.

These instructions are specific to Windows, though. If you're looking to do it on Linux or Mac, it's still certainly possible. You just have to find the preferences file on that platform and edit that instead of using the Window's registry.

First, make sure there is no running instance of ECMLink. Then open up the registry using the Start→Run… menu item. Type regedit in the box to run and hit enter. That will start up the registry editor. In the editor, locate the following node:


When you locate and select this node, you should have a screen that looks like the following:

Select everything in the right hand list that starts with devchains. Then right click on that list and select “Delete” then “yes” to the confirmation dialog.

You should notice an improvement in startup time the next time you run the ECMLink application.

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