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Why does the ECMLink order form ask for settings?

We get asked this question fairly often, so I figured it was time to put up a page about it.

The basic question is asking why we have a set of “initial” settings (injector size and MAF type) on our ECMLink ordering page. Some people know they can just change those settings anyway, so they aren't sure why we ask for them at all. Others are looking to order ECMLink but don't know they can change the settings themselves so they worry that they'll be locked into those initial values forever.

We ask for initial settings ONLY so that we can pre-configure your ECMLink chip with a configuration that should get you up and running OK right out of the box. That assumes, of course, that the settings were specified correctly and that there are no “unforeseen” issues with the car's setup.

Regardless, you can always change all the settings yourself at any time with your laptop. Watch our “initial setup” demo video for an example configuration.

Speed density note: There are too many options (MAP sensor type, ECU type, MAP sensor input, IAT or no IAT, etc.) involved in doing a speed density setup for us to gather all the information up front. So someone planning to run speed density right out of the box will need to select something like “stock MAF” on our order form and then do an SD configuration setup themselves.

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