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1G Memory Module Reset

It's very rare, but every once in a while a user will report that their 1G car either reports crazy values for various settings in DSMLink or might not even start the car at all. When this happens, it's almost always because the memory board worked itself loose in the socket momentarily at some point and the end result was some scrambled settings. Please check your socket by comparing against the ones shown on the socketpartnumber page. Also check that the memory board has been properly (securely!) installed using the provided washers, spacer, and screw. You can refer to the 1G Memory Board Install Notes for more details on that.

If you do find that you have scrambled settings in your memory board, the process for reseting the memory board back to factory defaults can be found below.


The following describes how to perform a hard reset of the 1G memory module.

  1. Turn the key on (don't start the engine)
  2. Wait for the CEL light to go back off after 5 seconds just as a check that the ECU is up and running normally.
  3. Press the throttle to the floor and keep it there as you cycle the ignition key off and then back on 3 or 4 times. I usually go for 4 but 3 is the minimum.

Once you have done that, the ECU should reset back to the hardcoded defaults in the chip.

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