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2G Hacked MAF Settings

If you remove both side honeycombs and the one lower honeycomb (leaving the center in place) on a 2G MAF, you need to adjust for this in the MAF compensation dialog in DSMLink. The table below lists the values you would use for a typical setup. Note for 1G guys that you will need to select “2G MAF” as your base MAF type first. The following compensation values are based on the assumption that the ECU is configured for a 2G MAF.

V3 NOTE: If you're running the V3 laptop application (as everyone should be…even if you've got a V2 ECU), then the following information is completely irrelevant because the V3 application includes a “hacked MAF” template you can use instead.


Freq Adj
50hz +48%
150hz +30%
250hz +25%
400hz +22%
800hz +17%
1200hz +13%
1600hz +13%
2000hz +13%
2400hz +13%
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